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Presentation of AC310 Helicopter
AC310 is light multi-purpose helicopter of 1-ton class with 2-3 seats, and it is developed with independent intellectual property rights available based on the product and airworthiness certification using S300C of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. The helicopter is powered by piston engine and its major structure is built by aluminum alloy and it may be widely applied in various areas and it is one of the most-widely -required helicopters for civil aviation as well as general aviation.
Airworthiness Standards
Complies with CCAR 27
Operation Type
         Day and Night VFR
Basic operation condition:
       Flight altitude: sea level~4450m;
       Operation temperature range: -40℃~+50℃
Ideally widely used for flight training, aviation club, communicating, observing, aerial photography, security patrol, traffic control, environmental monitoring, pesticide spraying, pipeline and wire inspection, business and private flight.
Technical Features
u 构型:常规单旋翼带尾桨式;
Configuration: conventional single rotor with tail rotor;
u 发动机:装一台莱康明HIO-360-DIA活塞发动机
Engine:one Lycoming HIO-360-D1A engine installed.
u 旋翼:3片金属桨叶,采用全铰接式桨毂结构;
Rotor: 3 metal blades, fully-articulated rotor hub structure;
u 尾桨:2片金属桨叶,采用跷跷板结构形式;
Tail rotor: 2 blades with see-saw type;
u 机身:采用金属结构机身;
Fuselage: metallic structure fuselage is used;
u 起落架:滑橇式起落架,由两根滑撬管、二根铝合金梁、四个机加锻件、及四个起落架缓冲立柱及两个拉杆组成。
Landing gear: skid type of landing gear, consists of 2 skid tubes, 2 aluminum alloy beams, 4 machined forgings, 4 shock struts and 2 pull rods;
u 传动系统:采用皮带传动系统。传动系统包括皮带传动组件、主减速器、主旋翼轴组件、尾传动轴组件、尾减速器和传动系统安装件;
Transmission system: adopts belt transmission system. Transmission system includes belt transmission assembly, MGB, main rotor shaft assembly, tail drive shaft assembly, TGB and transmission installation parts;
u 安全装置:3层抗坠毁吸能装置
Safety device: 3-level crashworthy and energy-absorption system;
u 机舱布局:1名飞行员+1名乘客;
Cabin layout: 1 pilot + 1 pilot;
          1 pilot + 2 passengers;
          2 pilots;
          Flight Performance
不可逾越速度(海平面)               175 Km/Hr
VNE(Sea Level )                  175 Km/Hr
最大巡航速度(4000英尺)          164 Km/Hr
Max Cruising Speed(4000ft)         164 Km/Hr
          最大续航时间                       3.8Hrs
          Max Endurance                      3.8Hrs
          有地效悬停升限                     3292m
          HIGE                              3292m
          最大爬升率                         6.63m/s
          Max Rate-of-climb                  6.63m/s
          最大航程(4000ft)                 415Km
          Max Range(4000ft)                415Km
          使用升限                           4452m
          Service Ceiling                    4452m
          空重                     499Kg
          Empty Weight             499Kg
          最大起飞重量             930 Kg
          Max Take-off Weight      930 Kg
有效载重                 431 Kg
Max Payload              431 Kg
Lycoming HIO-360-DIA piston engine
最大连续功率:           190hp(3200r/min)
Max Continuous Power     190hp(3200r/min)
标准油箱容量                            114L
Standard Tank Volume                      114L
附油箱容量                              114L
Auxiliary Tank Volume                     114L
外形尺寸  External Dimensions
全长:           9.40 m
Full Length:  9.40 m
机身长:       6.64 m
Airframe length: 6.64 m
机高:           2.69m
Height:      2.69m
机宽:           1.52 m
Width:      1.52 m 
旋翼直径       8.18 m
Rotor Diameter  8.18 m
尾桨直径       1.30 m
Tail rotor diameter  1.30 m
u 拥有S300C成熟、可靠、先进的技术基础;
Possesses technology foundation of proven, reliable and advanced S300C helicopter;
u 出色的航程和续航能力;
Long flight range and endurance capability.
u 优良的可操作性及优秀的飞行稳定性和操纵响应特性;
Excellent maneuverability, flight stability, and response characteristic of control.
u 具有吸能的机身结构和座椅及起落架减震机构,确保其卓越的安全记录;
Energy-absorption fuselage structure and seats as well as shock absorption mechanism of the landing gear available to ensure excellent safety record;
u 结构可视性好,所有的零件都可以方便检查和修理;
Good visibility in structure and all parts may be easy of check and repair;
u 技术成熟,构型或任务选装设备更改简便、快速;
Proven technology and simple and quick change in configuration or mission optional equipment
u 宽敞的驾驶舱和开阔的视野,乘坐更舒适;
Spacious cockpit and wide range of vision to improve the passenger comfort;
u 使用成本低,寿命长;
Low operation cost and long life cycle;
u 具有本土化优势和完善的用户管理服务体系,可提供快速响应、飞行和机务培训、工程技术支持等服务,支持快速的维修、备件支援、通航托管等。
Indigenous advantage and complete service system for customer management are available. The services such as quick-response, flight and maintenance training as well as engineering and technical support may be provided and quick repair, spare support, general aviation commissioning may also be supported.